Damansara Heights

Damansara Heights is the commonly referred to name by Malaysians for an area otherwise called Bukit Damansara. With the many addresses with the prominent suffix of Damansara, Damansara Heights happens to be the original one, giving it the status symbol for those who can afford to stay here.

Common residents of the area include those of the upper income group and local and foreign dignitaries, with the houses attempting to best their neighbors with increasingly more eloquent, outlandish or ostentatious designs. 

Properties in Damansara Heights that is preferred by expatriates for rent are mainly bungalow houses and condominium as follows:-

Seventy Damansara Sale Rent
Seventy Damansara

Idamansara Sale Rent

Desa Damansara Sale Rent
Desa Damansara

Twins Damansara Sale Rent
Twins Damansara
Clearwater Residence Sale Rental
ClearWater Residence
 Seri Beringin Residence Sale Rent
Seri Beringin Residence

The properties available for rent for the expatriates in Damansara Heights can be list down as follow:-
  • Idamansara
  • 10 Semantan
  • Desa Damansara
  • Twins Damansara
  • Seventy Damansara
  • Prima Damansara
  • Belair 
  • Clearwater Residence

Each apartment offered different layout, view, size and facilities to choose from. Feel free to contact me, Chris @ +60108998303 or alternatively can email me at chrislee.properties@gmail.com to pre-arrange a visit before your arrival in Malaysia.